Driving Force and Strategy

Driving Force

Poverty and it's Effects

Poverty remains a major impediment to fulfillment of basic needs of most Kenyans. This is hard on single parents, widows/widowers, and aged parents who are left to take care of their grandchildren

Terminal Illness

Terminal illness has left many orphans due to parents with prolonged illnesses, which consumes all the resources the family had. Illness such as cancer, where operations are needed such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy processes, drain all their funds. Kidney problems where dialysis is needed frequently, HIV, and Aids are just a few of the many ailments affecting these families


This has become a monster and a national disaster which has robbed many children of their loving parents. We have witnessed accidents taking away both parents and children are left total orphans with no one to take care of them

Climate Change

Climate has drastically changed with unreliable rainfall and this has affected those families that depend on farming and pasture in particular. Their crops dry up before they are ready and their cattle die due to the prolonged drought


Spiritual Nourishment

These needy children and their caregivers need to be told about the love of God through Evangelism. This is the fulfillment part of the cause, for them to first rebuild their confidence in God. Some believe God does not love or care for them due to losing their loving parents and therefore, can turn their bitterness to immoral behaviour which can be very harmful to themselves and society at large


Children grieving for dying parents are often stigmatized by the society. The distress and social isolation needs to be addressed by professional counsellors.  We meet the emotional needs of these children because having a parent become sick and die is clearly a major trauma for any child and may affect them for the rest of their lives. We also counsel the family who takes care of these children, for some are very old and are past the age of parenting, and raising other children is enough stress

Financial Support

We aim to help by meeting their basic needs for them to live a fulfilled lives like other children.


Proverbs 11:24 “one gives freely yet grow all the riches, others are cautious, and yet grow poorer

Workshops and Seminars

We organise and hold training sessions which help beneficiaries in making an informed decision, creating awareness of who they are, what they want, and how to get where they want. This can be through capacity building, health, or social interactions. The bonding and networking help in empowering their skills and financial empowerment. Mostly these are to address the families who are in crises after long illnesses or those with terminal illness patients living with them. We help them stay focused and be able to cope with the challenge

Action Plan

We aim to help in identifying and supporting many needy and mentally handicapped children. We do this with the help of the social workers, community health workers, volunteers (CHWV), community leaders, church leaders, and head of schools in the community. We do not want to create dependence, especially with families that have no health challenges. We motivate and empower them to do something and be able to take care of their children. For orphans who have no willing person to take care of them, we allocate them to good children homes that agree with our values and faith